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If you are involved in a divorce, child custody case, or are seeking alimony, you probably need the services of a family law attorney. Castillo Law Offices, LLC has helped hundreds of clients just like you through these difficult times. Castillo Law Offices, LLC has the experience to advocate for your rights in all situations: amicable or contentious, simple or complex.

Our goal is to listen to you and help you determine the best case for what you want to achieve, given the circumstances. Your future finances, earning potential, or even the right to see your children could be at stake.

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Whether you're struggling through the hardship of a custody battle or even the horrors of domestic abuse, Castillo Law Offices, LLC is here to help. We focus on the family laws of MA and take all types of clients. Regardless of your situation, a clearly defined child care plan or property settlement is key to your peace of mind.

We are on your side. Call us today to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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